General Admission Requirement For M.Sc. & Ph.D Programmes

  1. Candidates applying for Master’s degree in Veterinary Theriogenology and Production , must have the following requirements:
    • The Candidate in addition to the University requirement must possess any of the following qualifications:
    • 1 Minimum of credit in the following five O’ level subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and English language;
    • A Doctor in Veterinary Medicine(DVM) with a B score in the relevant area of specialization (where DVM is a Prerequisite).
    • A bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V Sc) degree with B score in the relevant area of specialization (where DVM is a Prerequisite)
  2. A good and relevant Bachelor's degree (where DVM is not a prerequisite, with a minimum of 2nd filed to be determined by the relevant department).
  3. Any other requirement judged to be equivalent to a DVM and a score equivalent to a B in relevant undergraduate courses.
  4. A CGPA of #.50 orrr avobe is require for PhD admission.
  5. Applicant intending to unertake their PhD in elated but diffrent spcialization from their Master's degree may be considered for the M.Phil./Phd (applicable to all PhD.Programmes in the Faculty).